Federico García Lorca

Marking the 122nd anniversary of the birth of Federico García Lorca born on 5th June 1898. The most prominent poet of the group Generation of ’27 and one of the most celebrated and influencial Spanish poets, García Lorca is famous also for his political commitment in the period of turmoil leading to the Civil WarContinue reading “Federico García Lorca”

Gacela of the Dark Death — Frank Hudson

Here’s a piece using a fresh translation I made this month of a Spanish poem by Federico García Lorca. I’m sure there’s much to say about Lorca from those that know his work better than I do. That group of Lorca admirers includes many other artists whose work I respect, so it’s about time to […]Continue reading “Gacela of the Dark Death — Frank Hudson”

Romance de la luna, de García Lorca

Romance de la luna luna – Federico Garcia Lorca – Romancero Gitano – 1928 – with translations from 🇪🇸 Spanish into 🇬🇧 English and 🇮🇹 Italian by Enzo Martinelli  🇪🇸  A Conchita García Lorca Romance de la luna luna La luna vino a la fragua con su polisón de nardos. El niño la mira mira. El niño laContinue reading “Romance de la luna, de García Lorca”

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