3 LGBT+ poetry collections — Poetic Insights

A debut poetry chapbook exploring queer realisation, self-discovery, and search for acceptance. This sapphic collection features poems ‘Attraction’ and ‘Fraud’ first published by Royal Rose Magazine and ‘TV’ featured in Issue 3 of Constellate Literary Journal. This book was previously published under the pseudonym Elfie. Book Depository  This life-affirming poetry collection reflects on the author’s growthContinue reading “3 LGBT+ poetry collections — Poetic Insights”

Rainbow Reading: May 1 — Almost, Almost

Bite-sized reviews of the LGBTQ books I’ve read in the past week. All titles are linked to their Goodreads page. Between May 8th and 14th, I read: The Touchstone by MC Lee (2019)Genre: fantasyAudience: young adultQueer rep: The two MCs are gayThoughts: I was disappointed by this one. I had been pleasantly surprised by Lee’s contemporaryContinue reading “Rainbow Reading: May 1 — Almost, Almost”

Top 10 landmarks in gay and lesbian literature | Books | The Guardian

Top 10 landmarks in gay and lesbian literature | Books | The Guardian — Read on http://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/books/2016/may/04/top-10-landmarks-in-gay-and-lesbian-literature A top 10 of books that changed the perception of same-sex relationships, by Gregory Woods Have you read these books?

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