Perfect Paradise/ Poem by Gerald Blanchard


always got this thing
trapped in those ages
fantasy, perfect paradise
setting, snug fabrics
after all this time
still hear his voice with sadness
fills up the church, loud
spent time in that time, too much
can only remember the bad, but also
your eyes were everywhere
wanna ask, desperately
were you with someone then
what shines through is that morning
after we spent a night kissing
my legs went over yours in front of people
later we were alone, didn’t hold it
you growling, me folded in your arms
then that morning I was laying
on my stomach, I had to look back at you
hand settled on my back thigh
burst in my chest, cause I knew
you were looking at me
with the sun painting me
You couldn’t stop grinning
grasping my leg, holding my breath
did my favorite thing, hissed
sat in silence, I wanted to…

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