a dramatic gay poem — espressostain


a dramatic gay poem _______________________

you told me “just be yourself
don’t worry what anyone says”
“always tell the truth”

but what if it’s the same voices cheering you on that you’re afraid of..

i want so desperately to be me,
but can i be her in this place?

will you be ashamed?
will you pray that i change?

“speak up for what you believe in”
are you listening?

will you try to silence me?

“i’m proud of you”
as my flag waves, will you close your eyes?

“take a stand”
will you try to knock me down instead of hold my hand?

you taught me to be brave
you taught me that i can do anything

well i have something i need to say

i don’t want to lie to you
so here it goes

i’m gay

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